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Here are some Reiki books, music and sites I recommend – based on what my students, clients and myself have loved and used over the years.This list includes …

Reiki books which are great introductions to Reiki, simple, respectful, accurate and illustrated beautifully – such as those by Carmen Fernandez, Tanmaya Honervogt and Mary Lambert – suitable for clinics, surgeries or health centres

Reiki books of fascinating research into the origins of Reiki in Japan – Frank Arjava Petter – one of the top international Reiki Teachers and researchers – has written 5 books/manuals on Reiki in Japan and using their methods in the west;

Inspiring, informative Reiki music and websites

Reiki Books

*The Power of Reiki: An Ancient Hands-On Healing Technique

Tanmaya Honervogt – Owl Books /Henry Holt Publishing

*Reiki: Healing

Carmen Fernandez – Lorenz Books

*Introduction to Reiki

Mary Lambert – ISBN 1 85585 747 2 – Collins Brown

Practical Reiki

Mari Hall – Harper Collins

Reiki for Common Ailments &/or Reiki for the Soul

Mari Hall – Harper Collins/Piatkus Books

Reiki, A Comprehensive Guide

Pamela Miles – Penguin Group

Reiki For Life

Penelope Quest – Piatkus Books 2002

Reiki Fire

Frank Arjava Petter – Lotus Light-Shangri-La

Reiki Legacy of Dr. Usui

Frank Arjava Petter – Lotus Light-Shangri-La

Empowerment through Reiki

Paula Horan – Lotus Light-Shangri-La

Abundance through Reiki

Paula Horan – Lotus Light-Shangri-La

Living Reiki – Takata’s Teachings

Fran Brown – ISBN 0 940795 10 8 – Life Rhythm CA USA

Intuitive Reiki for Our Times: Essential Techniques for Enhancing Your Practice

Amy Z. Rowland

Reiki Websites

There are many Reiki websites – here are a few good, resource-full ones

Reiki NZ Inc

Reiki Health NZ 

Frank Arjava Petter’s Reiki site    

Reiki Music

The Silent Pathmy most loved and used – it is deeply relaxing, non-rthymical and many teachers and clients ask for it

Reiki: The Light Touch

Reiki: Hands of Light – Deuter

Merlins Magic

Reiki Harmony – Tony Oldfield

(c)copyright 2019:  Yolanda Cholmondeley-Smith – Usui Reiki Master Teacher 1996 – 2019 has been practicing and teaching Usui Reiki for over 20 years and is well known for the profound shifts her clients and students have received  with the Usui Reiki energy.

She has invested 1000’s of hours of giving, sending and teaching Usui Reiki to her clients and students and has a deep respect and love for what Reiki has done for both herself and her students.

Twice a national committee member of Reiki NZ Inc and a founding member of Reiki Waikato, Yolanda’s Reiki Classes and Treatments are fun and deeply nurturing and healing experiences for every student.

She has trained hundreds of Reiki students and her Reiki Masters and Teachers are contributing to mainstream Reiki in Christchurch, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Hamilton and the Waikato.

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