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Here are some Reiki books, music and sites I recommend – based on what my students, clients and myself have loved and used over the years.This list includes …

Reiki books which are great introductions to Reiki, simple, respectful, accurate and illustrated beautifully – such as those by Carmen Fernandez, Tanmaya Honervogt and Mary Lambert – suitable for clinics, surgeries or health centres

Reiki books of fascinating research into the origins of Reiki in Japan – Frank Arjava Petter – one of the top international Reiki Teachers and researchers – has written 5 books/manuals on Reiki in Japan and using their methods in the west;

Inspiring, informative Reiki music and websites

Reiki Books

*The Power of Reiki: An Ancient Hands-On Healing Technique

Tanmaya Honervogt – Owl Books /Henry Holt Publishing

*Reiki: Healing

Carmen Fernandez – Lorenz Books

*Introduction to Reiki

Mary Lambert – ISBN 1 85585 747 2 – Collins Brown

Practical Reiki

Mari Hall – Harper Collins

Reiki for Common Ailments &/or Reiki for the Soul

Mari Hall – Harper Collins/Piatkus Books

Reiki, A Comprehensive Guide

Pamela Miles – Penguin Group

Reiki For Life

Penelope Quest – Piatkus Books 2002

Reiki Fire

Frank Arjava Petter – Lotus Light-Shangri-La

Reiki Legacy of Dr. Usui

Frank Arjava Petter – Lotus Light-Shangri-La

Empowerment through Reiki

Paula Horan – Lotus Light-Shangri-La

Abundance through Reiki

Paula Horan – Lotus Light-Shangri-La

Living Reiki – Takata’s Teachings

Fran Brown – ISBN 0 940795 10 8 – Life Rhythm CA USA

Intuitive Reiki for Our Times: Essential Techniques for Enhancing Your Practice

Amy Z. Rowland

Reiki Websites

There are many Reiki websites – here are a few really good, resource-full ones

Reiki Health NZ 

Frank Arjava Petter’s Reiki site    

Reiki NZ Inc

Reiki Music

The Silent Pathmy most loved and used – it is deeply relaxing, non-rthymical and many teachers and clients ask for it

Reiki: The Light Touch

Reiki: Hands of Light – Deuter

Merlins Magic

Reiki Harmony – Tony Oldfield

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