Using Reiki for Animals

Animals, like people, benefit from Reiki. Whether you have cats, dogs, birds, fish, ferrets, horses, or other larger animals, you can use Reiki to help your pets.

“Any animal that receives regular grooming from a human is probably receptive to being touched for Reiki.

If you want to give Reiki to an animal who is not usually touched – such as fish or wild animals – use techniques where you give Reiki from afar, such as Absent & Distant healing Reiki.

You can give Reiki to animals in many situations ….

Reiki works well with animals for the same reasons it works well on children and people of all ages. Have you ever noticed that when you pet an animal, he rolls over to receive more or looks at you with lovey-dovey eyes or sighs?

Animals respond to your loving touch and intention. Reiki is another way to help your animals feel better.

You can give Reiki to animals in the following situations …

  • When they are ill: Reiki helps the healing process and works with any type of medical intervention.
  • When they are young or old: You can use Reiki on an animal of any age or situation.
  • When they have been through a trauma: Animals can use loving energy after they’ve experienced any type of abuse, loss, or move, or if they seem to exhibit depression or other behavioral disorder. Even if you don’t know what the problem is, you can use Reiki to help.

Finding the right pet practitioner

If your pet can travel, you can take him to a Reiki clinic or practitioner. You may find that a pet trainer, pet groomer, or breeder also offers Reiki services. Here are some suggestions for finding a Reiki practitioner for your animal friend:

  • Any Reiki practitioner can give Reiki to your pet, although some practitioners specialize in giving Reiki to animals.
  • Animal lovers who work as animal handlers or in veterinarian’s offices are taking Reiki training so they can use Reiki in their work. Some Reiki practitioners specialize in treating animals or even a particular type of animal.
  • You can learn Reiki yourself so you can help your animals.

Listening to animals

Animals differ in their responsiveness to Reiki depending on their illness, personality, and how well they know you.

Here’s how you can read an animal to determine how to administer Reiki …

  • An animal may screech, fly, growl, hiss, or run away as a way of telling you it doesn’t want to be touched. In that case, you can use distant Reiki or beaming techniques.
  • An animal may let you perform hands-on Reiki but then shift positions or look at you funny. Move your hands a few inches above the body and continue Reiki, if you feel that it’s still needed.
  • An animal may tell you it wants Reiki by coming near you when you are giving Reiki to yourself or someone else.
  • If you’re lucky, an animal will move itself so you can give Reiki exactly where it’s needed (this is very common as many new Reiki 1st Degree students have experienced)

Using different techniques

If you feel comfortable or get an intuitive message to get closer to an animal, you can then try performing Reiki with your hands gently and slightly above or on the pet. As long as the animal allows you to, you can eventually move into a hands-on session for a short or longer time – as long as you both are comfortable.

Adapt the techniques used for humans to animals …

Because animals can’t give their express permission for you to perform Reiki, make sure you approach any animal in a slow and respectful manner when starting to give Reiki. Doing so gives the animal the opportunity to understand what you are doing and lets the animal make his feelings known.

You may want to start by sending Distant Healing Reiki to the animal from across the room. These techniques alone may be sufficient for treating an animal.

Intention is the single most important factor in the success of a Reiki treatment. Intend or pray for the highest level of Reiki healing for the animal and that you be a pure channel of Reiki energy. Healing is not from you, but through you. Be clear about your role as a Reiki practitioner and why you are treating the animal.

Here are the general Reiki techniques to use on animals

  • Distant Reiki: This type of Reiki can be performed from anywhere, so you don’t need to be near the animal to do this. You can use this technique to treat any trauma an animal might have suffered in the past or to help the animal with any event in the future …
  • Reiki with hands hovering over the body: Some pets tolerate this type of Reiki for a longer period of time than hands-on Reiki.
  • Hands-on Reiki: Adapt the standard hand positions for humans to your pet. Some animals are much smaller, but the basic idea of anatomy is the same.
  • Group Reiki: For larger animals, especially horses or large dogs, a few people can perform Reiki simultaneously, or send Reiki Distnat healing together.

Giving Reiki to a sick animal helps the human companions of animals as much as it helps the animals themselves.

As is the case for humans, Reiki healing sometimes leads to a curing of an animal’s illness, but it may also lead to a peaceful death. Reiki doesn’t change the natural order of events, but it enhances the experience by leading towards greater peace and calm.

Experience Reiki for Yourself

Learn Reiki – step-by-step in levels or Degrees

Sincere thanks to Reiki Master Nina L. Paul for the original article

REIKI HEALING: An ancient healing method so simple it’s hard to grasp!

Reiki was originally a Japanese technique to promote healing, stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki originated in Tibet over 2,500 years ago. Dr. Mikao Usui, from Japan, introduced reiki to Westerners in the late 1800s after he rediscovered this ancient healing technique himself.

What is Reiki – in a nutshell?

Reiki is an energy healing technique often used to promote healing, stress reduction and relaxation.  The word reiki translates simply as “life force energy”.  Therefore a reiki practitioner or reiki master uses their hands either directly on the body to channel life force energy to promote healing.

There is no manipulation of the body (such as in massage). A client typically lays down, fully clothed (except for shoes) to receive a reiki session.

The practitioner or master channels reiki energy through their hands and into the client’s body. The practitioner’s hands typically feel very hot and soothing while reiki is being channeled but can feel cold, as well.

Reiki is considered intelligent energy. It knows where it needs to go to help promote healing in the body, mind and spirit!

Reiki works with energy, correct? Does it effect subtle energy layers only?

Reiki works on many different levels; energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual. It’s all connected.

Talk to us a little bit about why working on our ‘energy’ matters. The idea with Reiki is that these finer energies can ‘trickle down’ to effect our physical layers…

Everything is energy. Everything. When your energy vibrates at a higher frequency you attract things and people at that higher level. When your energy is vibrating at a lower frequency you attract things at a lower level. You know that old saying, “When it rains it pours!” Negative experiences occur more often when we are stressed out or in a bad mood. Your energy vibration changes to a lower level and suddenly more negativity follows.

It’s the same with physical injuries or trauma in the body. I’ve also had clients who experience profound life changes after learning Reiki with little conscious effort, which is one possible outcome when shifting your energy for the higher good.

Who is Reiki for and who can benefit most from learning Reiki?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from Reiki. I’ve had a wide range of people come to me to Learn Reiki from house wives, busy professionals to doctors, nurses and business executives.

I’ve had people say, “Well, it probably helps if you believe in it, right?” and my answer is “No.” I’ve had people in my classes who ended up having major life changes within days and a few weeks.

Reiki can help with stress, anxiety, depression, behavioral problems with children, pre- and post-surgery, feeling “stuck” in your life, concussions, migraines, broken bones, any trauma to the body, sexual abuse, menstrual issues, hospice, and even undiagnosed problems.

The list is virtually endless. The human body is amazing

Reiki is all about giving the body the support it needs to heal itself.

Does reiki involve ongoing treatment or is it more often a one-time therapy?

It really depends on each individual person.

In most situations, I recommend that clients come in for one session to see if they resonate with the work. After this we assess what level of ongoing support is needed. Some people are really in touch with their energetic body. They can sense when they need to come in for a tune-up. I leave it up to them to determine the right timing.

An experienced Reiki practitioner should be able to gauge what is best in each individual situation.

Talk to us a little bit about chakras and how they’re involved or related to this:

Each chakra represents a different emotion, a physical part of the body, a color,  a sound, etc. When a chakra is out of balance for a long period of time the imbalance will manifest on a physical and /or emotional level.

Let’s take the root chakra, for instance. The root chakra is located at the very base of the spine. It relates to security, money, relationships, family, home, etc. When this chakra is out of balance for a period of time, one may experience symptoms such as lower back pain, hip, knee or ankle problems, falling, breaking a bone and concussions. Or emotional and/or financial insecurity or ‘imbalance’ …

I’ve developed a Chakra-Balancing self treatment for all my Reiki students and recommend using it every day – it makes a huge contribution to my students’ everyday emotional and physical well-being especially when done for 10+ minutes every morning.

Reiki helps immensely with balancing the entire chakra system.

What’s on your reading list for reader who want to learn more?

There are many books you can read about Reiki and I’ve put together a list of Reiki books, music and websites HERE.

Ultimately, the best way to learn more about Reiki is to simply experience it!

Animals LOVE Reiki – race horses too

Animals love Reiki … did you know that some Reiki Masters specialize in Reiki for race horses? Your pets and farm animals respond quickly to Reiki, too – I have students who swear by Reiki for their animals’ health and well-being – as well as their own!

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Learn all about the many ways you can use Reiki First Degree  through the power of touch … for yourself, your loved ones, friends and colleagues, animals, plants, crystals, food … all living things

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11 Reiki Benefits for you and others

reiki self treatment - shutterstock purchase

  1. Experience the reduction of stress and pain in a single Reiki treatment
  2. Accelerate the healing of your physical tissue (body), mind (thoughts and beliefs), heart (emotions) and spirit (alignment)
  3. Alleviate your fatigue, re-energize yourself both mentally and physically
  4. Increase the clarity of your mind, enhance any problem solving and improve your memory retention
  5. Sustain increased feelings of your self-confidence and self-esteem
  6. Ensures your health and wellbeing are increased and sustained
  7. Your intuitive skills develop quickly
  8. Reiki facilitates improved communication and concentration at all levels
  9. Reiki can increase your creativity at all levels, professionally and personally
  10. Expect a noticeable improvement in your relationships at work and at home.
  11. Reiki always compliments, supports and enhances all orthodox and alternative medicines, therapies and practices.

Learn Reiki

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Oprah raves about the benefits of Reiki


What is this mysterious energy called Reiki?

Oprah herself has raved about the benefits of receiving a Reiki treatment …

  • Reiki can accelerate the healing process of the body, mind and emotions
  • Reiki helps release stress and creates balance – maybe you just feel tired and rundown, but your blood counts all indicate that you are healthy, or emotionally you feel stuck in a rut, going nowhere
  • Reiki helps restore the energy that supports your health and well-being, getting you up and moving forward again.

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Reiki Can Help Your Nursing Practice

reiki nurse professional treatment

Reiki is a non-invasive energy therapy with Japanese origins. Its practice balances the body’s biofield and boosts the body’s capability to heal itself.

During a Reiki session, energy flows through a practitioner’s hands into deficient or constrained areas in the biofield.

It fills them with more positive energy and strengthens energy pathways so the individual can more easily heal in a naturally supported way. The nursing diagnosis appropriate for this situation is “Disturbed Energy Field.”

Although it has many spiritual aspects, Reiki is not a religion

A Reiki practitioner encourages a healthy flow of energy within a client during a Reiki session or treatment. This therapy forms an important part of self-care and is easy to include in a lifestyle. In short, Reiki can soothe, nurture, and restore individuals and help to reduce stress and tension.

Reiki benefits nurses and their patients

A 2010 National Institutes of Health (USA) study revealed that more than 1.2 million adults had utilized some type of energy therapy like Reiki the prior year.

Other studies have revealed positive Reiki outcomes on patients with advanced AIDS cases, wounds, and pain.

Reiki Benefits for your Nursing Practice

Nurses themselves receive positive benefits from Reiki, such as:

  • Energy increase
  • Stress reduction
  • Avoidance of healing profession burnout
  • Sense of well being

Reiki training can make a nurse even more aware of subtle energies affecting a patient’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, particularly in home care, labor and delivery, recovery room scenarios.

Many nurses are very intuitive and therefore well suited to become Reiki practitioners.

All nurses are very compassionate and caring, desiring the best for the patients in their care.

Still interested in adding Reiki to your nursing practice?  

Start today with learning Reiki First Degree which links you with great resources and to other successful professionals who are helping to heal the world, one patient at a time.

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