Usui Reiki Master Teacher 3B

Your Usui Reiki Master Teacher training is a profound, practical and personal spiritual Journey for you

Reiki Teacher Training is a beautiful and profound spiritual journey into the practical depths of what the Reiki energy can do for all aspects of your life, relationships, health, wealth and happiness

It’s one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself if you love and respect Reiki

Before I begin training a new Reiki Master or Reiki Master Teacher, the first things I wish to assess are …

  • How committed are you to learning and growing with the Reiki energy and what it can do for you?
  • How committed are you to your own personal and professional journey with Reiki?
  • How committed are you willing to be for your Reiki clients and students?

Learning to be a Reiki Teacher is a privilege and a gift

It’s both a privilege and a truly remarkable experiential journey for you to become a Reiki Master Teacher

Your Reiki Teacher Training is one-on-one with Yolanda

Your training is detailed and comprehensive and includes full, explicit and well planned teaching content

Each step has a break between to integrate the energy and information before we proceed to the next level of your Training

Susan’s Journey to becoming a Usui Reiki Teacher 3B

“I have completed my Usui Reiki Master/Teacher training with Yolanda.

Becoming the student once more, I have had previous training in this beautiful system of healing, but when I decided to take my Journey with Reiki to the next level, I chose Yolanda as my teacher.  Starting from the very beginning Level 1 and working my way through I have gained so much more respect for Usui Reiki and the founder Mikao Usui. I have come to the realization this is not just a system of healing which is very effective, it is also a path to inner growth and connection with your innate nature. 

I have become so much more aware and present with my life and in doing so are able to move through difficult situations with a strength I didn’t even know I possessed. 

My understanding of the teachings of Usui Reiki have been grasped at a deeper level and with this my current daily practice has benefited as I have now been able to reconnect with something that always has been there hidden just below the surface of my daily activities.

Yolanda has provided comprehensive Manuals at every Degree / Level throughout my training that are easy to understand and you can refer back to them to refresh your memory at any time. 

Her recommendation on journeying my personal Reiki experiences and practice right from the beginning have helped me gain a deeper insight on how Usui Reiki impacts my life on a daily basis, from more restful nights to clarity with my everyday choices, decisions and relationships.

My relationships with my family have become richer, happier and more loving as I’m relating to them more fully and staying much more present in my experiences with them.

My creative side has flourished and with that comes inspiration and connection with my own natural flow of creativity through poetry and photography. 

Physically, because I am more present to my own body, I feel I’ve grown a much deeper capacity to listen to my body and treat it with greater respect and response.

Mentally and emotionally I have far less anxiety and through learning how to use my Reiki personally more fully, I can now cope positively and effectively with situations that in the past I would most definitely have avoided!

Overall this Usui Reiki Journey and training with Yolanda has been one of huge gratitude and expansion … I’ve developed a far greater understanding and experience of the wonderful benefits of Usui Reiki for both my own personal and professional development and for my clients.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for bringing me back home to Reiki … the depth of your teaching has truly honoured and humbled my soul journey”

Susan Rhodes, Usui Reiki Teacher 3B, December 2019

Your Reiki Master Teacher Training includes

1: You learn the traditional Usui Reiki Attunement Processes for each Reiki Degree – from Reiki 1st Degree right up to and including Reiki Master Teacher Degree

2: You learn to facilitate, teach, share and attune your new Usui Reiki students to the empowering and gently powerful Usui Reiki energy.

3: You progress through each Degree and personally receive every Attunement again for every Degree, from Reiki 1st Degree through to your final Reiki Master Teacher Degree – this is a preparation process for your final attunement and contributes immensely to your personal growth and experience of the authenticity and sacredness of  the Reiki energy

4: You receive all my current, top-quality and accurate Full Reiki Manuals for each Reiki Degree – from Reiki 1st Degree to Reiki Master Teacher Manuals

5: You receive a professional Reiki Certificate and Manual for every Degree as you complete your Training in that area

6: You learn everything you need to design, run and market your Reiki Teacher Training Business and professionally taught seminars no matter how small or large

7: You have 1- 2 1/2 day complimentary Reiki Teacher Reviews with Yolanda to support you on your professional and personal Reiki teacher Journey …

8: Plus you have complimentary on-going access to Yolanda’s support, experience and guidance throughout your own Reiki Master Teacher career

Teaching you to the highest standards

Both Reiki Master 3A and Reiki Master Teacher 3B Training cover a number of weeks or months – each new Reiki Master’s and Reiki Teacher’s training is tailored to suit YOU, your work and home life, your learning and integration and practice as you move through every level in a structured, comprehensive and happy way.

The focus is on supporting you to love, enjoy and share more of your own connection to the Reiki energy and power, to deepen your respect, knowledge, experience, practice and skills to teach Usui Reiki competently and as a natural expansion and to share your knowledge professionally to the highest standards with your students.

Your Reiki Master Teacher 3B Training with Yolanda includes

1: Fully detailed and professional Manuals, Seminar content and Certificates

Both Master and Teacher Training includes fully detailed Manuals of all related Degrees, plus extra notes, step-by-step instructions and ready-made certificates are organised in Master and/or Teacher Manuals

2: Your training is tailored to work specifically for you

Each course of training is tailored time-wise to meet the individual’s needs, experience and circumstances

3: Attunements

The full content of Reiki Master and Teacher training includes you – as the student – receiving all Attunements from every Reiki Degree as we progress – enabling the student to receive powerful and empowering energy to support them on this unique journey

4: You receive all Yolanda’s professional marketing materials to run your own –

  • Reiki Small Business – marketing, advertising, social media, websites
  • The most up-to-date Content and Manuals for every Reiki Degree from First Degree to Reiki Teacher training
  • Including how to give and what to say for Public Talks on Reiki

Reiki Master Teacher Training includes the extra component of detailed information on running a Reiki small business, marketing and promoting yourself and your business as well as facilitating extra-ordinary Reiki seminars for their students

All the necessary talks are documented so they are immediately usable and interesting for your audience

5: Complimentary on-going support and access to Yolanda

  • As a new Reiki Teacher you may need to double-check something from a professional perspective, you may have a client with a condition you’ve not experienced before or a difficult professional situation?
  • As one of my certified Reiki Master Teachers, you have assistance whenever you need it – just pick up your phone or email me

Please Note – your Reiki Master Teacher Training also includes at least 2 x ½ day Reiki Reviews and a life-time of on-going support from me whenever you need it


In person at Yolanda’s home and/or your home and/or Zoom or Skype online – as agreed between us as we go!


$3500 Payable in full or 2-3 split-payments (as agreed between us) and including all of the above

Like to know more? I’d love to hear from you …

For your initial consultation to discuss the details and any questions regarding your Reiki Master Teacher 3B Training, please contact me here

‘Completing our Reiki Master Teacher Training with Yolanda was very exciting’

Yolanda teaches Reiki in a friendly, professional way and her passion for Reiki really shines through.

It was a real privilege for Cliff and I to jointly train through Yolanda continuing our journey together with Reiki’.

We find Reiki beautiful. We use it in our everyday life to help us as well as others, who find it very beneficial’

Paula & Cliff Ormiston, Reiki Master Teachers 3B, Tauranga

Yolanda’s journey with Usui Reiki

I’ve been a practicing Usui Reiki Teacher from 1996 to 2020 and have grown a deep love and respect for the profound shifts my Reiki clients and students have received with the Usui Reiki energy.

I’ve been a national committee member of Reiki NZ Inc on two separate occasions and a founding member of Reiki Waikato. This year, 2020, I’ve invited Frank Arjava Petter to NZ in Nov 2020 to teach us Jikiden Reiki Levels 1 & 2, Japanese Reiki Techniques and give talks to our NZ Reiki Community.

I love teaching others the life-changing shifts Usui Reiki can bring to their state of health, happiness, relationships and workplace.

My Usui Reiki Classes are small, fun, and focused on giving deeply nurturing and healing experiences for every student. As a qualified teacher and lecturer, I bring comprehensive information and techniques to my students’ classes.

Every student’s experience and practice with the Reiki energy is honoured, every Manual for every level of training is clear, simple, informed and comprehensive and my Reiki Certificates are beautiful!!.

Over the last 24 years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching hundreds of Usui Reiki students and I’ve been blessed with teaching wonderful Reiki Masters and Teachers are contributing to mainstream Usui Reiki throughout NZ in Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton and the Waikato.

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