How to give a Reiki seated treatment

Reiki seated treatments are practical and effective – at work and at home.

Is your Client new to experiencing Reiki?

Take care of their (often unspoken) concerns by …

  • Briefly describe that your hands are placed gently in one position for approx 2 – 3 minutes and then they move to the next position on their head for the same amount of time
  • The normal time per hand position is 3 minutes ensuring the client time to relax into the Reiki energy
  • Both of you agree to any time constraints e.g. ‘I would love some Reiki but I only have 10 minutes left in my lunch break’. 

Make Your Client Comfortable

  1. Check their feet are flat on the floor – perhaps they need a cushion under their feet?
  2. Check their back is straight – they may need a cushion at their back?
  3. Suggest they place their palms flat on the legs in a comfortable position
  4. Suggest they close their eyes and keep them closed as long as they like after the treatment
  5. Elderly people may prefer to sit in their favourite chair.
  6. Be sensitive to what makes your client the most at ease – and do it!

Make Yourself Comfortable

  • Your feet are shoulder-width apart
  • You are close to, but not touching, your client
  • You relax your shoulders and elbows
  • Begin with one hand at a time placed gently on either the shoulders or crown of the head 

Help your client to more fully relax

  • Include 5 minutes or so for the client to come out of the experience in their own time without rushing or opening their eyes immediately
  • Tell them this will happen and you will watch the time for them so they may ‘have no concerns’
  • While they are resting for this time, have a glass of water handy for both of you as it is preferable not to leave the room until they are ‘back’
  • Be aware that it may take time, trust and personal experience for many busy and capable people to relax with anything which is new, different or unknown.

Hand Positions

Using stepping hands’  so one hand is always gently touching your client as you move to the next hand position, begin with 30-60 seconds Reiki on their shoulders, then move to the next hand position on the …

1: Crown of the head

2: over the ears – with cupped hands

3: Sides of the neck – your cupped (rounded) hands are resting lightly on the shoulders and not touching the neck

4: Shoulders – the 1st position is with your thumbs against the base of neck

5: Shoulders – stay on the shoulders and move 1 hand position outwards

6: Shoulders – move to the upper arms and use gentle, cupped hands

7: (Moving to the side of the chair) 1 hand on the forehead, the other on the base of skull

8: 1 hand on the base of the throat and copy that position on back of the body

9: 1 hand over the heart – if not invasive and appropriate – the other hand over the same place on back of body

10: Last position can be a few seconds on the shoulders again – then …

11: Remove your hands slowly and respectfully.

  • Sit quietly and allow your client to open their eyes in their own time
  • If possible, quietly have a glass if water ready for them
  • No conversation is needed or required unless the client wants to share how they are feeling

(c) 2019 Yolanda Cholmondeley-Smith – Usui Reiki Master Teacher 1996 – 2019 has been practicing and teaching Usui Reiki for over 20 years and is well known for the profound shifts her clients and students have received  with the Usui Reiki energy.

She has invested 1000’s of hours of giving, sending and teaching Usui Reiki to her clients and students and has a deep respect and love for what Reiki has done for both herself and her students.

Twice a national committee member of Reiki NZ Inc and a founding member of Reiki Waikato, Yolanda’s Reiki Classes and Treatments are fun and deeply nurturing and healing experiences for every student.

She has trained hundreds of Reiki students and her Reiki Masters and Teachers are contributing to mainstream Reiki in Christchurch, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Hamilton and the Waikato.

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