Reiki Our World Together – Thursday’s 7pm to 7.30pm

There’s never been a more auspicious and important time to come together online or at home to create and share a powerful field of Reiki Energy across our lives, countries and Earth

I’d like to invite ALL Reiki 2nd & 3rd Degree practitioners, ALL Reiki Masters and Teachers to –

Join us online (or at home) THIS & EVERY THURSDAY from 7pm – 7.30pm to send Reiki Absent & Distant Healing together

Our Suggested Programme

Reiki Absent & Distant Healing for Good Health, Happiness, Balance, Harmony, Healing and Abundance for a few minutes (or longer) each to each of the following

* Yourself
* Your Loved Ones
* The Front-Liners & Essential Services people & their families throughout the world
* Our Communities – we’re all part of our Reiki Communities as well as many other groups of like-minded people
* Our City’s or Town
* Our Country and
* Our Mother Earth

The REIKI ENERGY FIELD created by many coming together for a common purpose is far more powerful than 1 person. I THANK YOU DOUBLY FOR YOUR HEARTFELT INTENTIONS AND SINCERE CONTRIBUTION

Every Thursday 7pm – 7.30pm – join earlier if you’re zooming with us so we can start promptly

Online Zoom Group – all welcome (free)
Zoom ID 687-885-3350 (join-up steps below)
Facilitator – Yolanda at Reiki Health NZ


Join us on WhatsApp or text/email me and I’ll add you to our Reiki Health NZ Group for regular updates

NEW TO ZOOM? It’s easy!

Here’s your step-by-step guide to ZOOM online

Download your free ZOOM account on your laptop, tablet or phone and we’ll easily connect together on line

Here’s how to join by entering the Thursday weekly Meeting Zoom ID 687-885-3350

Important – enter your zoom call a few mins before we’re due to start – you’ll see a notice that you’re in the waiting room & I” open it just before 7pm

1: click on JOIN MEETING and enter your zoom ID number 687-885-3350 then CLICK TO LOGIN
2: You’ll see a small box asking  you to ‘open zoom meeting’ – click to launch
3: You may also be asked to join with video – click YES
4: You may also be asked to join with audio – click YES
5: A live screen will open – mute yourself immediately by clicking the microphone icon on the bottom left of your screen
6: If you want to be seen, leave your video icon untouched (bottom left by microphone icon)

If you want to hear and not be seen, click on your video button. Now others on the call will only see your name but you can still hear everything

Now you can jump online and have a beautiful time with us every Thursday at 7pm! We’d love to meet another Reiki person online and share sending Reiki together.