Your Reiki Share Groups

Want to stay connected to and deepen your Reiki benefits and practice? Have fun, learn and grow, increase your own peace, health and happiness?

This year’s an important one …

As a way of reconnecting to, and empowering the quality of Reiki you can channel for yourself and others, it’s necessary to nurture and nourish your Reiki connection to your everyday life and relationships through caring for yourself with your Reiki.

Whether you’ve just learnt Reiki or are a longer-term Reiki student, Reiki Share Groups are a time of connection and deepening to the power and benefits of Reiki for yourself.

A group of people sharing Reiki together is an empowering experience; it’s also fun and makes you feel great during and afterwards!!

Use your Reiki to be the change you want to see in the world

You’re all aware that an authentically calm and happy person impacts and uplifts everyone around them without necessarily saying a word!

Conversely, an unhappy stressed person also impacts everyone close to them and not necessarily in a nice way!

Whether at work or at home your state of being is influencing every decision you take, every choice you make, every relationship you have and the outcomes of every experience you want to have.

The big question is ….

How do YOU want to be in the world and how are you using your Reiki to nurture and nourish that?

Our Usui Reiki Share Groups are an awesome investment of your Reiki time and energy … and FREE for all my students

In these times of intense transformation, each of us needs to stay more in balance and harmony with our inner self and in an increasingly stressful outer world.

With regular daily practice your Reiki self-treatments will be working on transforming and revitalising your day with more clarity, optimism, gratitude, happiness and peace … an awesome investment in a quality life for you!

Reiki Share Groups – deepen your Reiki experiences

• Up-skill your Reiki practice, techniques and confidence levels when sharing Reiki on yourself and others
• Ask questions in a professional, fun environment and learn more about the power of Reiki
• Meet and socialise with like-minded people on a similar path to yourself
• Deepen your connection and accelerate your Usui Reiki Benefits thus helping Reiki to gain increased mainstream respect as an effective, quality, holistic modality

Reiki Share Groups – coming together in our ‘Reiki energy field’

Our Usui Reiki Support Groups are lovely social gatherings of like-minded Usui Reiki Students trained by Yolanda and coming together from all walks of life to practice their personal growth and Reiki techniques in a fun learning environment.

We give each other Usui Reiki seated and table treatments, have a cuppa, share how Reiki’s supporting our everyday life and work, ask questions and upskill our Reiki to further help ourselves and others.

This is a complimentary group to support you as an Usui Reiki 1st, 2nd or 3rd Degree student of mine

Please note, there is no fee charged for your Reiki Support Group

Bookings essential, please