Learn Usui Reiki 3rd Degree

Advanced Usui Reiki techniques for personal development and spiritual growth

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Sat & Sun     2 & 3 January 2021      9.30 – 3.30pm   

(in person Class – subject to Covid 19 group restrictions)

Everyone who decides to  take a step towards the Reiki Mastership does so having found joy and positive proof of using and living with the Reiki energy

‘I left my Reiki Third Degree feeling light, excited and grateful for all I am learning about myself

It’s a wonderful journey and I’m really excited about my new intention. 

You are a wonderful teacher and I have felt privileged to learn from someone so passionate and knowledgeable’.

Marise Savage, Reiki 3rd Degree, 2018

Learning Reiki Third Degree enables you to increase, accelerate and empower both your life AND the power of your Reiki

* You learn how to send advanced Reiki balance and harmony (deep healing) across time and space using the 4 Usui Reiki Symbols and Yolanda’s Advanced Reiki techniques

* Reiki Third Degree offers you powerful, intelligent and compassionate practices to accelerate your peace of mind, empower the quality of your life and increased success, prosperity and happiness in all areas of your life

* Reiki Third Degree gives you increased tool to help both yourself and others more immediately

* There are virtually no limits to how you may use the Reiki Third Degree techniques in all aspects of your life and work … and you learn them in this Seminar

* Reiki Third Degree works more deeply on the level of your  mind and heart, which brings exciting new opportunities to transcend problems, particularly any which may have been ‘blocking or stopping’ your happiness and success in life

* At Reiki Third Degree Seminars (including Reiki Second Degree) your personal intuitive skills naturally increase, happily and easily

“I loved learning Reiki 3rd Degree

I really enjoyed being able to add the Master symbol to my Second-Degree symbols as it wrapped them all up like a neat little package of amazing power and energy!  The possibilities of using them all together are incredible!

Now manifesting is a really fun daily practice for me!

I feel like I can relax more now as I just trust the process that everything will eventuate as I want at the right time and right place!

I can’t wait to see where my adventures take me…

Thank you so much Yolanda. I am truly grateful for your teaching, guidance and coaching”.

Angela Ralfe, Usui Reiki Master 2019


‘I’ve discovered there are no limits to what Reiki can do!

What stood out most for me after learning Reiki Third Degree is that there are no limits to what Reiki can do …

I feel I can achieve anything I set my mind to, people are commenting on how happy I look, I’m feeling stronger and more confident and more positive emtionally … 

Mentally, my attention to detail has sharpened, I get on with everyone in the office, I’m able to work much more efficiently and I use Reiki in and on my work environment regularly …

My relationships with my family are very different

I communicate with them and they want to see and be with me more often, everything is so much easier and happier with us than it ever used to be

My state of mind is very different from where I was before I started my Reiki Journey, I’m so much happier and stronger than I was 6 months ago and I know it’s only going to go ‘up’ from here!’

Diana Vollegbregt Reiki 3rd Degree, 2018

At this 2 day Seminar, you will …

  • Be attuned to the power of the Usui Reiki Master symbol
  • Learn how to incorporate and use the Usui Master Symbol with new, advanced Reiki practices
  • Consolidate, deepen and increase the effectiveness of your Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree practices
  • See it’s accelerated outcomes in your own life, work, relationships and business or career

At Reiki 3rd Degree you receive a hugely empowering gift

At this simple and profound seminar, you become attuned energetically to the vibration of the 4th and last, sacred Usui Reiki Master symbol.

Your possibilities are increased – things you thought could never happen, will happen!

1: Positive outcomes are accelerated in all areas of your life

Positive outcomes are accelerated in all future, past & present situations – at work, home, with and for loved ones wherever they are

2: The impossible becomes totally possible

New skills and Reiki advanced practices using the last Usui Reiki Master Symbol, empower you to send Reiki through time and space to empower many manifestations you never thought were possible

3: Outcomes and opportunities manifest spontaneously

Building further on all your Reiki 2nd Degree skills and techniques, you add more power and effectiveness to your Reiki energy …. accelerating positive outcomes and results much faster for you.

4: Use the 4th and last, sacred Usui Reiki Master symbol to consolidate and deepen your practice and knowledge of Reiki

Reiki 3rd Degree is a simple and powerfully-effective addition to your Advanced Reiki techniques using the 4th Usui Reiki Master symbol

While an integral part of both Reiki Master (3A) training and Reiki Teacher (3B) training, as Yolanda teaches it, Reiki 3rd Degree’s main function is to deepen and expand the Reiki Second Degree practitioner’s knowledge and practice of Advanced Reiki Techniques and initiate them into the Reiki Master energy.

NB: Reiki 3rd Degree is taught as an individual Degree Class AND as an integral part of professional Usui Reiki Master (3A) or Usui Reiki Teacher (3B) training

‘I absolutely loved learning Reiki with Yolanda …

My Reiki 3rd Degree weekend with Yolanda helped me to experience and move on with life-long problems I have had …

I am able to move on with my life without so much fear and I’m feeling so much stronger within myself. Thank you so much, Yolanda’.  

Sharmain G, Reiki 3rd Degree, Taranaki NZ

You will receive the fourth and final Usui Reiki symbol

You will be attuned to the Usui Reiki Master Symbol, the last and final Usui Reiki symbol which empowers and accelerates all the qualities of your 3 Reiki 2nd Degree symbols

The Reiki Master Attunement is a powerful step up on your Reiki journey … the attunement is concentrated Reiki energy, working on further clearing and deepening the benefits of the Reiki energy as it passes through you for yourself and others

You learn extra, advanced Reiki Absent and Distant Healing techniques

The advanced Reiki 3rd Degree practices with Absent & Distant Healing increase and extend your experience and application of the unlimited uses of the Reiki Healing techniques for others, your own personal and spiritual development and very practical outcomes in your business and career.

‘I left my Reiki Third Degree feeling light, excited and grateful for all I am learning about myself

It’s a wonderful journey and I’m really excited about my new intention. 

You are a wonderful teacher and I have felt privileged to learn from someone so passionate and knowledgeable’.

Marise Savage, Reiki 3rd Degree, 2018


2 & 3 January 2021   9.30- 3.30pm

(in person Class – subject to Covid 19 group restrictions)



Reiki 3rd Degree training is also the Part 1 of your  Reiki Master 3A Training with Yolanda.

It can be either a ‘stand-alone’ Class based on Yolanda’s advanced and extended Usui Reiki 2nd Degree Training OR the first part of your Usui Reiki Master 3A Training


2 Fowlers Avenue, Hamilton Lake, Hamilton, Hamilton

We’re by the lake, close to parks, cafes and CBD … and there’s free car parking in the street

  • Pillow, throw or rug, a yoga mat or something to lie on
  • Wear casual, comfortable clothes
  • BYO Reiki Journal & pen,
  • BYO photos of family or friends to have on the alter over the weekend
  • Your Reiki 2nd Degree Manual
  1. You receive your full Reiki Third Degree Manual plus
  2. Your beautiful and professional-looking, Reiki Third Degree Certificate … plus
  3. One free, 3 x hour Reiki Third Degree review, free Reiki Share Groups and on-going support
  • More skills, confidence and the ability to increase balance and harmony in all aspects of your life 
  • Fun and simple learning with profound experiences and outcomes
  • A big increase in your Reiki power 
  • An abundance of beautiful Reiki grace to start flowing for you and those you love

Your investment is $595.00

We offer 2 different payment options and your sales receipts are forwarded promptly (PayPal/credit card, online banking or cash)

You may also arrange split payments in advance – this is a new option I’m happy to offer so please contact me to organize


We’ve got your back! If something unexpected happens and you can’t join us, please know that there are no refunds given BUT you are automatically confirmed as a priority booking at our next Seminar (or the Seminar of your choice)

‘I’m more in touch with myself, my real needs and my personal sense of power …

After learning Reiki 2nd & 3rd Degree I can honestly say I’m more in touch with myself, my real needs and my personal power 

The break-through’s I have had during these two 2nd & 3rd Reiki Degrees, have helped me to recover and regain my self-respect and confidence …

I feel I have now fully have the Reiki tools to be loving and true to myself …

This is something that has created difficulties for me most of my life and now it’s gone, due to my Reiki.’  

Angie Shortt, Hamilton NZ

Yolanda Cholmondeley-Smith – Usui Reiki Master Teacher 1996 – 2019 has been practicing and teaching Usui Reiki for over 20 years and is well known for the profound shifts her clients and students have received  with the Usui Reiki energy.

She has invested 1000’s of hours of giving, sending and teaching Usui Reiki to her clients and students and has a deep respect and love for what Reiki has done for both herself and her students.

Twice a national committee member of Reiki NZ Inc and a founding member of Reiki Waikato, Yolanda’s Reiki Classes and Treatments are fun and deeply nurturing and healing experiences for every student.

She has trained hundreds of Reiki students and her Reiki Masters and Teachers are contributing to mainstream Reiki in Christchurch, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Hamilton and the Waikato.



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