Power-Up your Crystals and Chakras with Reiki

Crystals, gemstones and precious stones all have powers of their own.

Their transformational and healing powers have been well-known to many peoples of ancient cultures and now the are surging back into our lives to align and support us – each in their own unique way.

Experiencing your Crystals

Each stone or crystal has a specific function and energy vibration which is both subtle and profound and benefits all things.

Notice the effects of your Crystals by experimenting with them to feel their own power. Then cleanse and charge them with Reiki and notice the difference

Power-up your Crystals by cleansing them fully

Just as we need cleaning, so do your crystals!

Your crystals absorb and release their unique properties and energy continually so it’s important to cleanse and clear them regularly to maximize their effectiveness

Here’s an effective way to clear, cleanse and ‘Reiki re-charge’ the power of your crystals

  1. Place your crystal(s) in a clean bowl of clear, natural salt or filtered pure water
  2. Put outside overnight on a balcony, lawn or deck on any or every Full Moon – including the day before and after the Full Moon is even better!
  3. Make sure no animals drink the water as this is a purification and cleansing process for your crystals
  4. Rinse them in clean running water and dry them with a clean cloth
  5. Usui Reiki students can charge them with their hands-on Reiki by simply holding them between both hands, one at a time.
  6. You may deepen this process by making the 3 or 4 Usui Reiki Symbols over the crystals and holding them between your hands to further bless, charge, balance and harmonize each Crystal’s effectiveness.
  7. When sending Reiki to yourself, another person, event, situation or affirmation (Yolanda’s Reiki 2nd Degree Classes teach you how to do this specifically), try using your crystal as a ‘proxy’ to do so.

Daily, weekly and Full Moon cleansing is invaluable when you’re using your crystals to send Reiki or included in your Reiki Treatments

Reiki your Chakras and Crystals

Through our Chakras, we transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. Each chakra is associated with a particular area of the body and a colour of the spectrum

As an Usui Reiki student, you may like to include your Crystals with your daily Reiki Chakra Balancing Treatments, to further balance and harmonise your chakras

I’ve researched a chart below that explains the Chakras and their –

  • Location
  • Function
  • Element
  • Colour
  • Related crystals, gemstones or precious stones

It’s fascinating and I hope you enjoy learning more about your Chakras and their related Crystals in your daily life xx

1st Chakra or Base Chakra

  • Location                The perineum – the space between the genitals and anus
  • Function                Survival, power, vital life force energy
  • Element                 EARTH
  • Colour                   BLOOD RED
  • Crystal                   RUBY / CARNELIAN / RED JASPER / RED ADVENTURINE

2nd Chakra or Sacral Chakra

  • Location                behind the pubic bone
  • Function                Creativity, Family, Procreation, Fantasy, Sensuality
  • Colour                   ORANGE
  • Element                 WATER

3rd Chakra or Hara

  • Location                2 fingers below the belly button
  • Function                Courage, confidence, power, emotions
  • Colour                   YELLOW
  • Element                 FIRE
  • Crystal                   CITRINE / AMBER / TOPAZ / YELLOW JASPER

4th Chakra – Heart Chakra

  • Location                centre of upper chest behind the sternum bone
  • Function                Love, Compassion
  • Colour                   GREEN
  • Element                 AIR
  • Crystal                   POUNAMU / EMERALD / MALACHITE / JADE

5th Chakra – Throat Chakra

  • Location                     neck, throat, epiglottis, spinal column corresponding to the throat
  • Function                     Communication, self expression, air related to the production of sound
  • Colour                         BLUE
  • Element                      ETHER
  • Crystal                        BLUE TURQUOISE/ LAPIS LAZULI / BLUE LACE AGATE – CALCITE

6th Chakra – Third Eye Chakra

  • Location                pineal plexus, point between the eyebrows
  • Function                Self-realisation, cosmic union, higher intelligence
  • Colour                   TRANSPARENT, LUMINESCENT, WHITISH
  • Element                 MAHATATTVA (the supreme element combining all others)
  • Crystal                   MOON AGATE / WHITE QUARTZ / WHITE OPAL/ AMETHYST

7th Chakra – Crown Chakra

  • Location                centre top of head or crown
  • Function                centre of cosmic consciousness, unconditional state of total fulfilment, freedom and joy
  • Colour                   WHITE / GOLD
  • Element                 MAHATATTVA (the supreme element combining all others)
  • Crystal                   GOLD / WHITE QUARTZ

Wishing you heaps of fun and increased balance and harmony in all aspects of your being as you use your Reiki to power-up your Chakras and Crystals!

Many Blessings, much Reiki Love and Light to you,

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