“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for bringing me back home to Reiki … the depth of your teaching has truly honoured and humbled my soul journey”

Susan Rhodes, Usui Reiki Teacher, Dec 2019

Susan’s Journey to becoming a Usui Reiki Teacher 3B


“I have completed my Usui Reiki Master/Teacher training with Yolanda.

Becoming the student once more, I have had previous training in this beautiful system of healing, but when I decided to take my Journey with Reiki to the next level, I chose Yolanda as my teacher.  Starting from the very beginning Level 1 and working my way through I have gained so much more respect for Usui Reiki and the founder Mikao Usui. I have come to the realization this is not just a system of healing which is very effective, it is also a path to inner growth and connection with your innate nature. 

I have become so much more aware and present with my life and in doing so are able to move through difficult situations with a strength I didn’t even know I possessed. 

My understanding of the teachings of Usui Reiki have been grasped at a deeper level and with this my current daily practice has benefited as I have now been able to reconnect with something that always has been there hidden just below the surface of my daily activities.

Yolanda has provided comprehensive Manuals at every Degree / Level throughout my training that are easy to understand and you can refer back to them to refresh your memory at any time. 

Her recommendation on journeying my personal Reiki experiences and practice right from the beginning have helped me gain a deeper insight on how Usui Reiki impacts my life on a daily basis, from more restful nights to clarity with my everyday choices, decisions and relationships.

My relationships with my family have become richer, happier and more loving as I’m relating to them more fully and staying much more present in my experiences with them.

My creative side has flourished and with that comes inspiration and connection with my own natural flow of creativity through poetry and photography. 

Physically, because I am more present to my own body, I feel I’ve grown a much deeper capacity to listen to my body and treat it with greater respect and response.

Mentally and emotionally I have far less anxiety and through learning how to use my Reiki personally more fully, I can now cope positively and effectively with situations that in the past I would most definitely have avoided!

Overall this Usui Reiki Journey and training with Yolanda has been one of huge gratitude and expansion … I’ve developed a far greater understanding of the wonderful benefits of Usui Reiki for both my own personal and professional development and for my clients.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for bringing me back home to Reiki … the depth of your teaching has truly honoured and humbled my soul journey”

Susan Rhodes, Usui Reiki Teacher 3B, December 2019

FB:  Morningstar Reiki

M:  +64 (0) 210 832 0332               

E:  suerhodes33@gmail.com

‘Reiki humbles me with the peace and compassion it has bought me’.Clare Burton reiki master 3A

‘Whenever I give myself my daily Reiki Treatments, I feel stronger, calmer and I sleep better; I don’t ‘stress-eat’, I have more energy and clarity and my health and peace-of-mind improve noticeably

Since I’ve learnt Reiki 2nd Degree I’ve noticed that my awareness and intuition have increased and I can now easily feel the Reiki flowing through my hands and the benefits of my Reiki afterwards.

My family are asking for Reiki and my in-law’s long-term, anti-social cat is not only sleeping on or near the chair I give Reiki treatments on, but it’s my new best-friend and sleeps on my bed – the family are astonished!

If I wake in the night I give myself Reiki until I doze off again – I’m totally motivated to give myself my daily Reiki as I can clearly see the difference in my health and state-of mind whenever I get out of the flow of my self treatments.

I’m really proud of my commitment to Reiki and to becoming an Usui Reiki Master – I not only love and am passionate about Reiki, I know that my love and compassion for my self and others has been heightened in a very real and natural way.

I feel I have more purpose and meaning in my life – I’m very content where I’m going in my life journey and I no longer feel like I need TO TRY, TRY TRY for anything …

Reiki humbles me with the peace and compassion it has bought me’.

Clare Burton, Usui Reiki Master 3A (in training) 2019

‘Your Reiki Treatment made my depression go away’

“Hi Yolanda – your Reiki Treatment made my depression go away

I had it quite badly and when I woke in the morning after my Reiki Treatment the day before, it had GONE. Amazing! Thanks so much”.

Mike, Reiki 1st Degree, Hamilton 

‘My long-term pain has disappeared, I’m sleeping deeply for the first time in years … I’ve recovered from illness so much more quickly it’s amazing … my work stress has calmed with wonderful results … my long-term chronic anxiety has gone ‘

‘I’ve had 2 years of constant pain from a dislocated rib disappear and not returned since I learnt Reiki

My sleep patterns have improved noticeably – my mind is incredibly calm, I don’t wake up and get up continually throughout the night (which I’ve done for years), I can sleep much longer – this is amazing for me

The pain from aching leg muscles I had after a long walk, completely disappeared; incredible sinus pain reduced after 2 self-treatments, the flu virus I had didn’t last for weeks and I only needed a couple of days off work to recuperate

My long-term personal and professional anxiety has gone – it’s the first time for years I feel present and patient at work in the classroom and my class is automatically becoming calmer and staying that way

I no longer feel on constantly overwhelmed and overloaded at work – it’s now surprisingly easy to be focused, clear and present to the next task ahead

Until I learnt Reiki, I wasn’t aware of how many negative conversations I was having and the unhappiness and stress it was causing me/us … in just two weeks of giving myself daily Reiki self-treatments I’m deliberately choosing positive, constructive and uplifting conversations – YES!!

I’m loving Reiki and giving myself self-treatments … I’m loving how Reiki is helping my family to calm, sleep better and have pain relief

Tracey, Usui Reiki 1st Degree, Hamilton 2019

‘I loved learning Reiki with Yolanda – it was a wonderful experience’

‘I feel calmer and much less anxious and I’ve noticed I get less angry, worried and agitated than I used to. I have less negative thoughts about myself and others – sometimes I have no thoughts at all … and I’ve started being thankful to God every day

My relationships are so much happier and I’m so much calmer

I loved learning Reiki – it was a wonderful experience for me’.

Arwinder, Usui Reiki 1st Degree, 2019

Angela Ralfe – Usui Reiki Teacher 2019


‘Thank you so much for your beautiful energy, time, knowledge, wisdom and expertise during our time together!

I will forever be grateful for your time teaching and guiding me on my Reiki journey.

I’m so excited to know that I can pass on the teachings that you’ve taught me and that you’ll always be there for me whenever I need it! Love and Blessings, Yolanda’.

Angela Ralfe, Usui Reiki Teacher 3B 2019

‘I’m totally amazed at how powerful Reiki is …

I’d no idea I could feel like this in a weekend and I’m so grateful.

I actually feel liberated, so much more at peace with myself than ever before, happier and less worried …

I honestly wouldn’t have believed such a change was possible if I hadn’t signed up for the class and experienced it for myself’

Diana Vollegbregt, Reiki 3rd Degree, Waikato 2018

Reiki affects your body, soul, your emotions and your mind

‘I want to share some of things that have happened to me since learning Reiki 1st Degree with Yolanda this year …”

    • A sense of lightness and relaxation
    • Calmer within my myself and calmer with others
    • Positive about what each day holds
    • Curious about things I’ve not noticed before e.g.plants, insects, places, people)
    • Heightened and a returned sense of smell (after nasal surgery there had been no sense of smell for JP until during her Reiki 1st Degree Course
    • Heightened sense of colours
    • Emotionally consistent – a lot less ‘up and down’
    • Happier about who I am and what I look like
    • Excited about the possibilities that I can be what I want to be – not what other people want me to be
    • Much more interested in life’

Julie , Reiki 2nd Degree, Waikato 2017

Reiki still works even if you are skeptical

‘Since I started the Reiki journey, I have noticed an amazing change in my day to day feelings and emotions.

As a shift-worker, (M has worked 3 days on night shift, 3 days on day shift, 3 days off, continually for years), Reiki has helped immensely with lifting my fatigue levels … they were constantly erratic and it was normal for me to be working semi-exhausted.

My sleep patterns have stabilised out of sight, they are now regular and I am able to be relaxed and calm throughout my whole day, no matter what stresses occur (and there are plenty).

After receiving Reiki, my head feels completely empty – I literally don’t have a care in the world … total relaxation.”

Giving Reiki is a whole new experience for me … one I am enjoying immensely and my sceptism has been replaced by relief and gratitude’

MB, Reiki 1st Degree,  January 2017

Reiki heals a super-bug virus amazingly fast

‘Last week, I contracted a stomach bug and became violently ill in the evening and was sick most of the night.

By 3 am when there was no let-up, I started to think about giving myself Reiki. Unfortunately that was as far as it got, I was just too sick to use the symbols.

At that my point my hands started to tingle  and heat up.  The heat in my hands reached a point where they became overwhelming painful, like a strong electric current was being passed through them .. it really drew my attention away from how I was feeling and towards my hands.

I placed my hands over my heart and the strong sensations in my hands eased. I must have fallen asleep soon after as the  symptoms of the illness gradually disappeared and I slept the rest of the night. When I woke, the whole illness, pain, vomiting and everything had completely passed’

Andy van Lier Reiki Master Auckland 2016

Noticable and lasting changes from Reiki self-treatments

Learning Reiki First Degree was totally life-changing … it was much more powerful than I ever expected. I am more confident and empowered, I feel connected to the world, my senses are heightened and I am peaceful, calm and at ease.

Before I learnt Reiki First Degree, I was constantly worrying about others … I would stay awake worrying and could not get any peace or take any time out for myself. In the first 2 weeks after learning Reiki First Degree, I found I was automatically released from worrying about others problems – it happened with no effort … I could focus on myself again and how I was feeling physically and emotionally,

My mind has shifted hugely … I seem to be always very happy – I am noticing how much my happiness has increased. My relationship with my husband has strengthened – I share Reiki with him and our bond as a married couple has deepened and strengthened.

I am so much more optimistic and excited about life. I am more able to live in the moment and feel contented and peaceful. I can now easily listen to my body wants and needs, I nurture it and I don’t make it work physically like I used to. I see beauty in everything.

The power of Reiki has surprised me – the effect on both myself and others when I give us all Reiki. Reiki is so much more powerful than I ever knew – it’s amazing.”

Angie Shortt, Reiki 2nd Degree, Hamilton 2015

‘I loved learning Reiki … I got more out of it than I ever dreamed

‘As I use my Reiki each day on myself, I’m feeling a lot happier, calmer and centered, I have a lot more physical energy, my focus has improved and I handle things at work and at home quite differently.

Before I learnt Reiki I was exhausted – I had had enough of life. I was depressed, worried, stressed and unhappy. Now I feel very good about my future, even when I don’t know what my future holds’ (Sharmain’s job security has been uncertain). ‘I sleep better than I have ever slept before’ (previous years of surgery and chronic pain).

I look at life through different eyes, I don’t judge as much, my health is the best it’s ever been, my physical pain levels have dropped noticeably, I’m way more happier.

In a weekend, I have had huge shifts. I have heaps of energy, my health is going great, I feel a lot happier and positive about how to deal with my life and my future. The one thing I have noticed with doing Reiki is that it has really opened my eyes to live for the day and be grateful for what we have and the moment we are living in.

I know where I have been and THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE now’

Sharmain G. Reiki 3rd Degree, Taranaki 2015

‘Reiki Master Training with you was profound and one of the most important experiences of my life

Thank you so much for passing on your knowledge and wisdom …

Reiki Master Training with you was profound and one of the most important experiences of my life’

Andy van Lier, Reiki Master 3A 2015

Reiki has been a great friend and asset

‘I feel very blessed and thankful to have learnt Reiki, being able to use for my own personal use and with family when needed

Reiki has been a great friend and asset for me

The deep relaxation, peace and restfulness I get when doing Reiki on myself and also seeing for myself how it relaxes and effects my family members while they receive Reiki gives me great respect and gratitude for what Reiki can do so quickly for us.

Practicing Reiki in daily life has improved all aspects of my health and given me a deep sense of calm and ease’

Michelle Krishna, Reiki 3rd Degree, Cambridge 2014

‘Reiki with Yolanda is swimming in the sunrise’ 

Nick Watts

‘Reiki with Yolanda is swimming in the sunrise …

It’s the discipline in letting go.

Belief is no prerequisite.

I’ve seen terminally ill seniors and four year olds with chicken pox respond in miraculous ways.

Reiki gains trust gently.

This is not about whacked out esoterics.

It’s real, it works. It’ll bring you closer to the world and maybe surprise you with a reintro to yourself.

If you’re after a noble, no bull Master who teaches in her being – Yolanda’s the one’.

Nick Watt – Reiki 2nd Degree, Auckland NZ 2014

Paula and Cliff Ormiston – Reiki Teachers 2014

‘Completing our Teacher training with Yolanda was very exciting 

Paula & Cliff reiki 1Cliff and Paula began their Reiki journey back in 2010 and in Oct 2014 and completed their Reiki Master/Teacher qualifications with Yolanda.

Previously qualified as spiritual healers in the UK, they moved to live in NZ in some years ago.

Paula says …

‘Completing our Teacher training with Yolanda was very exciting.  She teaches Reiki in a friendly, professional way and her passion for Reiki really shines through.

It was a real privilege for Cliff and I to jointly train through Yolanda continuing our journey together with Reiki’. We find Reiki beautiful. We use it in our everyday life to help us as well as others, who find it very beneficial’

Paula and Cliff are Members of Reiki NZ. Their Reiki Clinic is called The Open Heart Place and is located at Peers Road, Omanawa in Tauranga.

P: 07 579 9349       E: openheartplace@gmail.com 

‘Reiki fills me up and make me happy, give me the strength and do things I need to do with unconditional love’

ana 1‘I am born in Macedonia capital city Skopje. I come to NZ 7 years ago with my family, and I am working for WDHB for 3 years as a dental nurse.

Thank you for introducing me to the Reiki Path Way, Yolanda.

Thank you for teaching me and for joining me in this new journey to healing myself and others. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Thank you for perfectly understanding who I am, what I want to do, your support and not giving up on me and my journey with Reiki. Thank you for taking the time and your hospitality and all you did for me and my friend Vesna and special thanks for my friend Vesna who bring you into my life.

I had wonderful time at your Reiki First, Second and Third Degree (3A) classes and I hope to grow more and more throughout my life time and become Master like my teacher and help spread Reiki to others – ‘The more Reiki in the world, the better the world’.

Reiki fills me up and make me happy, give me the strength and do things I need to do with unconditional love.

I have been blessed with the gift of healing thought my hands with Reiki Universal Energy and do things from the impossible to the possible miracles. To be able to help it is the best feeling I can ask for.

By using our hands we are connected to Life- Force Energy and we can help people even they are on the other side of the world; people we know and we don’t know and give them a second chance when nobody else can.

Some of the benefits of Reiki for Ana:

In such short time I, my family, friends and some animals had a lot of benefits of Reiki Universe Energy.

Physical and emotional health I have had long-term, great pain every month during biological period – not anymore.

I have had long-term problem with digestive system – not anymore. Problems with sleeping – not anymore.

I have had cramp and pain in my sole in my right leg almost every day and every night – not anymore.

I have had pain in my kidney three weeks ago – not anymore.

I have had chest infection and I didn’t take any medication and I was healthy after one week.

I used a lot of Reiki and the symbols on myself. When I have headache I just put my hand on, and pain disappears after 20-30 or 40 minutes.

Problem with my back pain disappears after holding my hands on.

Birds and Animals:

We have a bird who didn’t sing for three years, but after Reiki First Degree she has not stopped singing. .Also I notice that other birds are coming into the room wherever I am and stays quietly close to me for while and goes away without me pushing them out.

In waiting room where I’m working at the moment, a cat comes every day and quietly lies down very sad and looking straight into my eyes like begging for something. My others colleague was wondering why this cat keeps coming every day. I know why- I put my hands on her head and give her Reiki, keeping them there as that what the cat wants me to do.

Family health:

When my son or my husband has any problem they now ask first for Reiki before take anything else.

Friend’s health:

Also one of my friend have had pain in his kidney, but after one week his pain is gone. Also he has pain in his left arm and after Reiki for 40 minutes, his pain is gone.

All my friend who already have had an experience with Reiki Universe Energy balance and harmony, keep asking for Reiki hands on or distant healing again. (There are some experience people have had I can’t talk because they want to keep them only for themselves and I’m sorry I can share that because we must respect there expectations and will).

Ana has had some powerful Reiki responses from people – here are a couple:

‘One of my experiences I want to share with you is when I have used Reiki with the person who was in hospital in a coma from asthma. I had been sending Reiki Absent & Distant healing. After this, she woke up and became conscious from her “clinical death”. I gave her Reiki one last time. She became alert and conscious and could hear the voices of her family and say good bye to them and hear them tell her they loved her, before she passed over from the physical body.’

 “My second experience where I have used Reiki hands-on and distant healing with a friend who had an extremely painful, broken arm. No medication would remove the pain she had.

After I gave her a Reiki seated treatment, she felt strong pain for a few more hours. But the next day she sent me a message ‘Ana, thank you for Reiki. The pain was strong but now it is less’.

During the week I was sending more Reiki Distant healing energy and after the fourth day sending the Reiki every day, she sent me another message – ‘Now miles better`. She experienced a great relief from her pain and other discomforts related to her injuries”.

‘Thank you for life changing experience for my entire body and life’ – Ana.

Ana has also experienced very fast healing and pain relief herself immediately after Reiki First Degree – from physical pain she had all her life. Her optimism and confidence have improved permanently and she is a committed, powerful and blessed Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master. Plus her family love receiving Reiki from her, too (Yolanda).

Snezana (Ana) Ristovska, Usui Reiki Master 2012

E: anareiki@hotmail.co.nz       

A Reiki journey and a Reiki life

kevin Brooks‘Hi, my name is Kevin Brooks. Originating from South Africa  I have been in New Zealand for about 12 years now, and I have had the pleasure of completing my Reiki Master-Teacher training with Yolanda here in Hamilton.

It as been quite a Journey for me. From selecting the person who would accompany me though my journey, to getting the universe to allow the right time for it to eventuate.

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you are supposed to be doing something but you just don’t know what.

I have been interested in various forms of vibrational healing through sound, light, and aroma. I thought Reiki was another modality that I could add to my already full agenda. Boy was I wrong. Fortunately I approached it correctly. For me it was important to allow Reiki to draw me in rather than to rush into Reiki at my own steam.

The age old saying you can’t squeeze the apple ripe.

When I initially booked my Reiki 1st degree course I had no idea of the challenges I would face and the wonderful patience my teacher would have to have in order to impart Reiki. What drew me to choose Yolanda was the thoroughness of the course information, and a gut feel that said this is the right teacher for me.  She was by far not the cheapest Reiki teacher around, and seemed to required much more time commitment  and discipline than many of the others I approached, but I just knew this was who I had to go with.

2 weeks before the course I had to rush off to South Africa to attend my father’s funeral.  Fortunately Yolanda understood that the time was not right for me to learn Reiki and even offered to refund me because she had no further courses coming up in the near future. Bit I decided that It will have to happen in its own time. And I knew I had to go through with it not when I decided but when the time was right. With time the intention eventuated, and wow what an experience it has been.

My focus has always been spiritual in some way shape or form and from the word go I was able to find a profound degree of peace within, the simplicity of which surprised me.  When asking for an explanation Yolanda just smiled and said just allow Reiki to do the work, and it sure did.

On to experimentation, for me, because the results were so phenomenal, believe it or not, even with every indication of Reiki working for me, I had to try and test it for myself.

From making my special cactus grow, one  that I have had for 7 years and it barely got a new leaf,  to getting  5 new leaves in the span of 1 month with Reiki, to calming my children down, assisting with colds and flu, , helping me detox, taking away my headaches and treating some aches and pains , hands on everything even my water.

Second Degree had me sending healing to myself and my family in South Africa, and deepening my relationship with Reiki. Some more experimenting with the symbols and different aspects of my life Reiki came in and just assisted with everything. It was like I had a secret silent helper only I knew who it was, it was Reiki. From using the symbols over the water I drink, to sending Reiki to a business situation, bringing peace into my home,  there was very little one could not do with Reiki.

During all of this Yolanda had regular Reiki reviews to see how I was getting along and sometimes I even booked a session and ended up on the Reiki table ( It is still great receiving it from someone else , especially if it is someone as skilled as my teacher.)

The funny thing is Yolanda never put any pressure on me to continue further with Reiki and I let the time pass, my first degree I did in October 2011. Even though I could already see the value of Reiki and experience it for myself, Yolanda would only let me do the Second Degree after much practice. Not everyone may need the same approach I needed but I certainly would not have had it any other way.  I eventually did the Second Degree mid February 2012 and once again had to integrate it before continuing. My Third Degree I finished in May 2012, and my Reiki Master Teacher training we completed during weekends spread out over a period of 3 months from August 2012 to October 2012.

There has been much to teach me and there is still so much more to learn. I know that this was a very special arrangement due to the time constraints, but every Saturday we spent had a clear pathway and teacher training content that I am sure must have taken Yolanda years to amass.

The steady pace allowed me time to integrate and practise what I was being taught and I hope to one day be as excellent a teacher as what I had ( Yes I know it only comes with years of dedication and practise)

My final attunement was a very special occasion where I had my family with me and I had the honour to give my wife her first Reiki First Degree attunement on the day.  I can already sense there is a change in the air.  Our home has become even more of a haven.  Here is to living out our authentic self within the wonders of Reiki and looking forward to the continuation of a memorable journey so far.

Kevin Brooks – Usui Reiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher 2012

Reiki NZ Inc Committee Member 2014 to 2016

Waikato Reiki Chairman 2014 to 2019

E: enquiries@reiki4u.co.nz       M: 021 258 0844

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