Usui Reiki treatments and alcohol

Reiki students – drinking alcohol then giving Reiki to others

It has been my professional and personal experience that alcohol and Reiki ‘do not mix’

My Usui Reiki students are all taught never to give Reiki hands-on or to send Reiki Distant healing to anyone unless 24 hours have passed after drinking alcohol. The same goes for using any drugs.

Only recently did a new Usui Reiki student begin a seated Reiki treatment to a family member after drinking the evening before. Within 10 mins, the NEW-TO-REIKI family member had a strong reaction and asked for the treatment to stop.

There are two things to do if anyone has an adverse experience with Reiki AND as a student, you’ve drunk alcohol within the last 24 hours (VERY RARE but you need to know exactly what your responsibility is in these circumstances);

1st: Stop the treatment promptly

2nd: Recommend they see the Dr promptly to check their current well-being (they may be suffering from something else altogether)

Reiki clients drinking before receiving a Reiki Treatment

As a new or regular Reiki client or practitioner, simply put, don’t!!

The same rule-of-thumb is don’t receive Reiki from another if you’ve been drinking less then 24 hours before a treatment. You’re not giving the sacred and powerful Usui Reiki energy a chance – you may even be unconsciously sabotaging your treatment!

I understand this is difficult for my Usui Reiki students if someone in your family is in the habit of de-stressing after work by drinking alcohol.

If you’re a Reiki student of mine and you wish to give a Reiki seated treatment to a loved one, please complete your Reiki treatment for them before they start drinking OR wait until 24 hours have passed.

Reiki and addictions

As Reiki is extremely calming and nurturing, it is very useful for stress-related repeat behaviours and/or habits.

Reiki calms and nurtures the nervous system. It also works on the unconscious and over time with regular daily use, balances and harmonises addictive behaviours, addictive repetitive thought-patterns and substance abuse.

But … you need to know what you’re doing so please –

If you have a loved one who struggles with alcohol / drug addictions, then come and learn Reiki 2nd and 3rd Degree from me as soon as possible, so I can guide you in exactly how to proceed with empathy and professional care (at no extra expense).

As every case is individual, it is preferable to take a specific approach with experienced support from a well-qualified Reiki teacher

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