Reiki Master 3A

Your Reiki Master 3A Training

Transform your life and do the same for others 

Becoming a Reiki Master is a beautiful and exceptional personal, spiritual journey

Reiki Master Teacher Degrees are taught at two separate Levels

  • Reiki Master 3A –  one-on-one Training with Yolanda
  • Reiki Teacher 3B – one-on-one Training with Yolanda

Usui Reiki Master (3A)

In this training, you learn the Advanced Reiki Techniques for attuning others to Reiki 1st Degree and Reiki 2nd Degree levels.

  • You are now willing to ‘step up’ on your Reiki Journey to help and support humanity evolving, one soul at a time
  • You are guided through a beautiful process of spiritual and self-development using Advanced Knowledge and Techniques from both your Reiki 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degrees with Yolanda
  • During this process you are re-attuned to each of the Reiki Degrees consecutively – from 1st Degree through to, and culminating with, the Reiki Master Degree.
  • At the same time, you learn the ancient process of attuning your Reiki students to using each of the Reiki First and Second Degrees
  • This process leads you naturally to the next step of your ‘Reiki Mastery’ journey … which is Reiki Teacher Training 3B (see below).

Your One-on-One Reiki Master 3A Training

Reiki 3rd Degree is an integral Part 1 of your Reiki 3A Master Training and may be completed seperately prior to your Reiki 3A Master Training.

Reiki Master 3A Training 

Reiki 3A Master Training is done by firstly making a time for a consultation with Yolanda.

You and Yolanda will meet to see what you wish to achieve and Yolanda will work with you to make a top quality, professional Reiki 3A Master Training programme for you.

Once you are happy with everything, we choose dates and payment methods so we may begin an awesome Reiki 3A Training experience together for you!

‘Thank you so much for passing on your knowledge and wisdom …

Reiki Master Training with you was profound and one of the most important experiences of my life’

Andy van Lier, Reiki Master 3A 2015

Your One-on-One Reiki Master 3A Training

When you choose one-on-one Reiki 3A Master Training with Yolanda, your course is tailored specifically for you and your personal, professional and spiritual growth with the Usui Reiki energy.

Your overall AND day-by-day Programme is forwarded to you so you know what we are covering at each Training session. If we need extra time it is included (within reason) at no extra cost.

Reiki 3rd Degree is considered PART 1 of your Reiki 3A Master Training

You may choose to attend your Reiki 3rd Degree Seminar seperately prior to your Reiki Master 3A Training OR include it in the first part of your Reiki 3A Master Training.

I have done this so you have the opportunity to integrate the energy and invest more time with your new Advanced Reiki 3rd Degree techniques before you move to the next level of your Reiki 3A Master Training.

Once you’ve completed your Reiki 3rd Degree training with Yolanda, your Reiki Master 3A training is $500.00

  • Your One-on-One Reiki Master 3A Training Investment is NZ$995.
  • This includes Reiki 3rd Degree at $495 and Reiki Master 3A at $500.
  • You can expect to allow 3-4 days for your Reiki Master 3A training

These days are consecutive and can have breaks between them if necessary. You and I go over this clearly and lock in the dates that work for us together, prior to your training beginning.

Your complimentary Reiki 3A Master Review

Reiki Reviews are a 1/2 day complimentary extension to your Reiki Training and extremely valuable part of your Reiki Journey, personally and professionally.

While you do not pay for your Reiki Review –  it is Yolanda’s gift of support to you as part of your high-quality, comprehensive Training – it is imperative for your own benefit as a Reiki 3A Master that you attend. It is for this reason we choose the date together for your Reiki Review.

What happens at your Reiki 3A Master Review?

You can ask questions, check your practice, share your personal and professional Reiki experiences, insights and spiritual journey with Reiki, upgrade your new skills, increase your confidence and competence and receive Advanced Reiki Techniques from Yolanda.

  • Reiki Reviews are a complimentary support as a gift to support you on your new phase of your Reiki Journey
  • The date for your Reiki Review is 2-3 weeks after your Course
  • Reiki Reviews are in person with Yolanda and last approximately 3 hours

Like to know more?  I’d love to hear from you …

For your initial consultation to discuss the details and any questions regarding your Reiki Master 3A Training, please contact me here.

Are you ready to take your Reiki to the next Level? 


Sharing the Usui Reiki knowledge and experience  is a beautiful, spiritual and healing experience which bonds every Reiki teacher and student on a wonderful, never-ending journey to this miraculous Reiki energy.

‘Wow, what a journey Reiki Master training was for me …

‘When I initially booked my Reiki 1st degree course I had no idea of the challenges I would face and the wonderful patience my teacher would have to have in order to impart Reiki.

What drew me to choose Yolanda was the thoroughness of the course information, and a gut feel that said this is the right teacher for me.  She was by far not the cheapest Reiki teacher around, and seemed to required much more time commitment  and discipline than many of the others I approached, but I just knew this was who I had to go with .. 

2 weeks before the course I had to rush off to South Africa to attend my father’s funeral.  Fortunately Yolanda understood that the time was not right for me to learn Reiki and even offered to refund me because she had no further courses coming up in the near future.

But I decided that It will have to happen in its own time. And I knew I had to go through with it not when I decided but when the time was right.

With time the intention eventuated, AND WOW, WHAT AN EXPERIENCE IT HAS BEEN FOR ME ‘

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